Weapon of Distinction

weapon (ranged)

Inscribed with the litanies of the Ultramarines, Deathknell has spent the previous two centuries in the employ of the Chapter’s 3rd Company. With advanced optics and stabilization, its long history of service has earned it a place among the greatest relics of the Chapter.


Carried into battle (By as-yet unnamed Ultramarines Devastator), Deathknell is a master-crafted missile launcher. Dating back nearly two centuries, this weapon was created by the master techmarine, Vasius, during what the Chapter refers to has his “Enlightenment Period”. During this time, Vasius crafted several unique weapons for the Ultramarines- the like of which hasn’t been seen in centuries. When Chapter Master Marneus Calgar learned of (Insert Name Here)’s induction into the Deahwatch, he ordered that this weapon be carried into battle that all my know the might and commitment of the Ultramarines.


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