Deus Ex Machina


The Kill Team, stationed aboard the battle barge Thunder’s Word were deployed by drop pod to the resource moon of Tantalus to secure an Adeptus Mechanicus datacore before the Tyranid swarm engulfs the planet. The datacare was in the care of Techno-Magos Vyaaki, who was shot down en route to the extraction zone. After searching through two buildings, and encountering skittering termagants and hormagaunts, as well as shrikes and warriors, the kill team encountered a platoon of Imperial guardsmen- led by Commissar Sander- who were repelling yet another horde.

Coming to their rescue, the marines of the Deathwatch managed to rescue Sander and a handful of his men. Shortly thereafter, they located Vyaaki, the datacore, and under increasing harassment from the ever-encroaching Tyranid swarm, they were dusted offworld by way of Thunderhawk gunship at the last minute. On the monitors aboard the Thunder’s Word, the crew and the marines watched the moon die, its biomass absorbed by Hive Fleet Dagon as it spreads across the Jericho Reach.



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